Montana Inez offers the most natural technique in lip tattooing - this method is soft and fresh with no harsh outlines and brings a flush of colour to your lips, creating redefined, flawless and naturally perfect lips with zero effort.
Whether it’s the desire to never have to reapply lipstick, gain the cupid bow you’ve always wanted or the perfect pout without having to constantly top up on filler, this subtle and effective option is for you!
A custom colour is mixed for each and every client based on their skin color, undertones and existing lip shade. 

Here’s some important info regarding the process:

- the COLOUR is 100% customised to your desired shade and tone! There are countless options and we create this together at your appointment.
- PAIN is minimal! 2 anaesthetics are used the entire time to keep you comfortable!
- HEALING time is very quick and extremely easy. Lips are usually fully healed in 2-3 days!