Welcome to Inez Tattoo
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We are a private boutique studio specialising in creating hyperrealistic and ultra natural cosmetic tattoos in beautiful Melbourne, Australia.

The words ‘cosmetic tattoo’ tend to leave a lot of people (and their respective partners) shaking in their boots.
Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic tattooing has come along way from the stock standard angry blue eyebrows you've seen on your grandmas friends (ah!), and you will quickly come to realise this whilst flipping through our portfolios.

Inez Tattoo is an advanced cosmetic tattoo studio specialising in the art of hyperrealistic tattooing.
For owner and artist, Montana Inez, the dream was to separate cosmetic tattooing from the beauty industry and into a league of its own. With senior artist Whitney Mayfosh alongside, they create a modern and professional, yet quirky environment which is a step ahead of the basic and boring “salon” experience we are all familiar with.

Fighting against the odds of over plucking in the 90's and that one bad last minute wax you got years ago, the girls at Inez Tattoo have got your back (and your brows!)




Whitney specialises in hairstroke eyebrows
and freckles.

montana inez

Montana specialises in hairstroke eyebrows,
lip blush, freckles and areola restoration.



69 Grosvenor Street, hello@ineztattoo.com
South Yarra, VIC IG: @ineztattoo
Melbourne 3141